Growing a little together

How the redwoods came to Baden-Wuerttemberg...

Growing a little together

Growing a little together – that is our goal with each commission we receive from our clients and during every single day we passionately get down to work. What symbol could be better for this than the redwood tree, the epitome of sustainable growth?

Incidentally, did you know that there are 7,500 of these giant trees in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and even around Stuttgart where our company is headquartered? The story of how redwoods came to us from overseas is quite interesting.

King Ludwig of Wuerttemberg, a farsighted planner, had heard about the fast-growing trees from America. To cover his state’s rapidly growing need for wood, he had an area around Stuttgart reforested. He even wanted to grow a few Wellingtons, a special kind of redwood. Via the royal construction and gardening administration, he ordered “a Lot” of redwood seeds from California for 90 dollars. At that time, a Wuerttemberg Lot was equivalent to an amount of around 15 grams. But the Americans sent “a lot of” seeds, namely, a whole pound. So legend has it that we owe our collection of beautiful redwoods to a misunderstanding. With the seeds, 5,000 young Wellington seedlings were produced in the botanical garden of Wilhelma and then planted in forests, parks, and even private gardens. Today, the trees are 150 years old and 45 meters high. Their Californian descendants grow twice as high thanks to ideal environmental conditions, but have had thousands (!) of years to do so.

It’s amazing how a great tree can stem from a small seed if it is chosen well, put in the right place, and cultivated! We at espiridon feel this is an apt image for our task of finding the ideal candidate for you and introducing him or her to you. So that can we continue to grow together.