Living values you can count on.

Our standpoint

Some might find the idea of adhering to principles such as decency, honesty, mutual trust, and fairness old-fashioned. For us, however, it is so important to heed these fundamental values that we would rather honestly say “no” than get involved in games that do not lead our clients, our candidates, or ourselves to success.

Such values are important to us because they are the foundations on which our work with other people rests. A basis on which we work with great motivation and fully exploit our strengths:

  • Our exceptionally good contacts in the technology industry (internet, software, telecommunications), which continually give us access to premium recommendations.
  • Our excellent knowledge of the the technology industry (internet, software, telecommunications). With this knowhow, we have an up-to-date and very precise picture of what exactly is expected from executives and specialized staff.
  • Through an insight that is continually reconfirmed: Successful human resource decisions are not simply “coincidences,” but the result of “precise knowledge”. The more exactly the needs profile corresponds to the applicant’s profile, the greater the chance of lasting cooperation to the satisfaction of both sides.

Every successful collaboration is therefore preceded by a detailed needs profile going beyond the usual standards. However, expertise, a knowledge of the industry, and certificates are not the only criteria we find important.

What kind of corporate culture awaits the candidates in the company? What key qualities does the ideal executive have to have so that both sides feel comfortable with one another in the long run?

These are key questions we ask at the very outset to get a more precise picture of the ideal candidate. In this way, we guarantee that only those candidates are shortlisted that really meet the company’s expectations and requirements.


Our namesake

In 1896, a completely unknown runner competed in the first Olympic marathon of the modern age: the Greek athlete Louis Spiridon. In a spectacular race, he defeated the world’s running elite at the time thanks to his tremendous stamina and absolute trust in his abilities.

luis_spiridonThe values that distinguished Louis Spiridon are both a model and inspiration for us. As the person espiridon GmbH is named after and whenever our goal is to help our clients and candidates achieve their objectives with passion and perseverance.

Spiridon Louis,
Olympia 1896, Athen
(Photo: Albert Meyer)