Experienced consultants working perfectly together - for you.

The team

Behind espiridon is an experienced team of staff and consultants who work very well together. The team, consisting of full-time and freelance staff, is known for its passionate dedication and its keen instinct for people, executive qualities, strengths, and requirements.

Sascha Frank, the founder and managing director of espiridon, is an experienced consultant, trainer, and coach. He knows the digital industry from his own experience, as the head of the human resources department of a large German IT consultancy firm and as an internationally active consultant for executive search and change management.

Dedication, experience, and sensitivity are the characteristics that make him and his team sought-after consultants and highly regarded sparring partners. In addition, espiridon pursues every task as long as it takes for client and candidate to be satisfied.


IMG_1828_-_Arbeitskopie_2“Whether executive search or coaching, before we pull a concept out of our hat, we first listen attentively to what each case is really about. Only in this way can we find a solution that truly pushes our clients forward in the long run. With a suitable coach, the right training, or an executive who optimally matches the company both as a person and as a staff member.”