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We are a recruiting boutique focused on doing what we do best: filling specialist and top management positions in technology companies (Internet, software, and telecommunications) and digital positions in traditional, industrial companies.

We search for candidates that are the right fit for your company, and we stay at your side with advice and assistance from the beginning of your hiring search to the end of your new employee’s trial period.


Experienced yet young at heart candidates for digital positions are rare. Companies in the tech industry compete with players in the automotive and mechanical engineering worlds for the best job applicants. As seasoned personnel consultants for leaders, we have the experience to support you in winning over the top candidates.

We find leaders who are highly skilled, who will advance your company’s aims, and who are good fits for the position in question and your company culture as a whole. We understand that employees and job openings are not pegs and holes, and as such we don’t follow the same routine for each employee. Instead, we draw on our expertise, a feel for people, and a passion for you and your company’s mission to court high-performing candidates that are the best match for you.

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We will find the ideal candidate for you.

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Executive Search

What does an executive search consultancy like espiridon do? We search tirelessly to find executives to meet your needs – and draw them to your company. We specialize in identifying the best candidates in the fields of internet, software, telecommunications, and digital positions in industrial companies.

When you work with us, you get service that’s expert, intuitive, and tailored to you.

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Recruiting Boutique

Our clients describe us as exclusive, personal, and honest because we deliver tailor-made results produced with attention to detail. As an executive search consultancy from the Stuttgart area in Southern Germany (home to Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch, STIHL, SAP, and more) we’re proud to embody the precision bordering on perfectionism that Swabians are known for.

We take full ownership of everything we do. If you hire us, you can expect the best possible results – we guarantee it. Because of our commitment to only delivering work that’s exceptional, we only accept orders that are a match for our values and areas of expertise. We only take on work we’re convinced we can successfully do.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Sabine Sonn

»espiridon manages to wonderfully combine professionalism, trustworthy cooperation, and fun.«

Frank Hoberg

»espiridon is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling our people development needs with the kind of excellence for sustainable growth.«

Joachim Ritter

»espiridon is a perfect match for us. They have a nose for which “types” we are looking for and fit with us.«

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Our Contribution to Digitization: We Find Leaders for the Digital World

Talking about digitalization and living it are two very different things. We often focus on new technologies exclusively when we think about innovating companies; however, digitalizing your business is impossible without the right people.

To be successful in today’s world, you need the right people on your team. You need people who have the know-how to understand digitalization, the foresight to develop new visions and concepts, and the courage to turn traditional business models on their heads – bringing the whole company on board with their vision.

Capable leaders are the key to satisfied employees and successful companies.

Here at espiridon, we understand the challenges that commonly befall companies, and we know what qualified candidates are looking for in a job. We bring candidates and companies together to find the perfect match, thus creating the highest value for everyone.

We specialize in the digital world, and as such we acutely understand its requirements, culture, and development. Over the past 15+ years, we have developed a broad-based understanding of the industry and keen intuition, and we’ve built up a large network as we support legions of well-known and aspiring companies in their growth.

Executive Search for Digital Companies (Internet, Software, and Telecommunications)

Many successful companies in the IT industry are struggling with saturated markets and tough global competition. Standard solutions don’t facilitate growth, but product innovations don’t come about on their own. Companies urgently need new ideas and business models in order to survive in changing business and consumer markets.

Meanwhile, young technology startups that want to revolutionize the world with their solutions often lack sustainable business models and they tend to grow rapidly, leaving corporate culture and structures behind.

Young and established technology companies alike, therefore, need leaders who not only understand features and finances, but who understand the market, users, and their own employees. They need leaders who can turn good ideas into successful products, work sustainably and still remain open to change, and set values that give their employees orientation even in times of constant change.

What does the ideal candidate for your company look like? Let’s find out together.

Executive Search for Digital Positions in the Manufacturing Industry

Digitalization has now reached traditional industries such as automotive, mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering – and it isn’t just about automating production. Manufacturers now have their hands in a number of endeavors: they develop digital platforms and offer digital services and products in addition to traditional business offerings, becoming virtual software providers.

Companies that want to develop ahead of the curve urgently need experienced leaders who think in terms of big-picture business models and can drive conversion to digitized companies. Such positions require heads who can visualize a fully integrated future – and who have the leadership and communication skills to actualize it.

The requirement profiles that digitalization brings with it are still new for the HR departments of traditional industrial companies. Companies are suddenly competing for candidates with the technology industry, which has known the market for decades and is well networked. Getting top candidates to switch to the manufacturing industry and showing them what prospects lie here is a big challenge.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what makes the candidates you’re looking for tick and how you can convince them of the merits of joining the manufacturing industry. Get espiridon at your side as a partner and let us shape your digital future together.


What Makes Us Special

5 arguments in favor of choosing espiridon as your recruiting boutique

  • Over 15 years of experience recruiting leaders for the digital world
  • A deep understanding of people and organizations
  • Personal, meaningful relationships with clients
  • Surefootedness, sustainability, and a good sense of humor
  • An almost fanatical focus on doing only what we do best


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