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Our References

Successful work brings positive feedback. Read about experiences our clients have had with espiridon:


» The espiridon team is extremely professional. On the one hand, it adapts excellently to our company’s context and aside from the bare facts has a nose for which “types” we are looking for and fit with us. On the other hand, candidates feel they are in the best hands at espiridon. They are very well informed and prepared, and accompanied throughout the entire process with great attention and personal commitment.«

Joachim RitterJoachim Ritter
1&1 Internet AG, Head of Product Development MyWebsite & eBusiness

  • 1&1 is a leading german provider of DSL and mobile communication services. It offers hosting services in ten countries, like E-Mail-Solutions, E-Shops and also high-end web servers.


“Espiridon manages to wonderfully combine professionalism, trustworthy cooperation, and fun, enabling it to achieve excellent results together with us. Our collaboration is marked by great mutual appreciation. Espiridon adapts to our requirements perfectly. We will definitely continue to work with espiridon in the future.”

grohsPetra-Maria Grohs
formerly ProfitBricks GmbH, CSO 

(today VP Global Sales, VidScale, Inc.)

  • ProfitBricks is an international Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, focusing on the B2B market.


»Sascha Frank and his team really delivered for Yext. They diligently sourced a strong set of candidates, ran a very professional process, and had a tremendously exciting result. I would highly recommend espiridon to any American technology company looking to grow in Germany.«

rojas_Howard Lerman,
Yext, Founder & CEO

  • Yext is a New York City technology company that enables businesses to update location-related information on multiple websites, mobile apps and internal systems from one place.


»Working together with the espiridon team was terrific. espiridon showed a lot of empathy towards us, acted in our interest, and continually advised us well. From the very first second, we felt we had opted for the right sparring partner.«

rojas_Roberto Rojas,
Steigenberger Hotels AG, Head of group HR

  • Steigenberger Hotels AG, based in Frankfurt am Main, is one of Europe’s leading hotel chains. The company’s portfolio currently encompasses 101 hotels in Germany, Austria, Belgium Switzerland, The Netherlands, Egypt, China, Dubai, and Qatar, including 13 hotels in the planning or building stage.


»espiridon manages to wonderfully combine professionalism, trustworthy cooperation, and fun, enabling it to achieve excellent results together with us. Our collaboration is marked by great mutual appreciation. espiridon adapts to our requirements perfectly. We will definitely continue to work with espiridon in the future.«

Sabine Sonn
Mackevision Medien Design GmbH, Head of Global HR Development

  • Mackevision is a global market leader in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and works for clients worldwide – corporations, mid-size enterprises, agencies and film productions.


»The espiridon team has a keen grasp of our needs and requirements. Thanks to the good connection with them, a high-quality pre-selection was made for us from which we found the perfect candidate for HALLHUBER. We highly recommend the espiridon team.«

Steinke_Lohner_Richard Lohner and Norbert Steinke
Hallhuber GmbH, Managing directors

  • Hallhuber GmbH is a Munich-based clothing company founded in 1977. As of May 2015, it had more than 230 sales areas in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, as well as its own online platform in Germany, Austria, and France.


»espiridon listens attentively, knows what’s important for the company, and has an excellent network. So it’s only logical that the candidates go perfectly with us, not only in terms of their technical profile, but also regarding f the type of person they are. Sascha Frank and his team impresses the candidates and continually impresses us with their great dedication – his valuable commitment goes far beyond filling positions.«

holzer_Harald Holzer
vitaliberty GmbH, CEO

  • vitaliberty is a Pioneering e-health solutions Provider. For healthier people and successful companies.


»Partnering with espiridon to discover and attract new talent has been more than just personnel engagement, it has been a pleasure. The candidates they provide bring a level of dedication and expertise that we require. With a keen sense for quality, professionalism and enthusiasm in their work, the espiridon team is a perfect match for Open-Xchange. Simply stated, espiridon is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling our people development needs with the kind of excellence for sustainable growth.«

hoberg_Frank Hoberg
Open-Xchange GmbH, EVP Sales

  • OX is the only company to offer open and customizable, cloud-based products which enable service providers to offer their customers scalable, self-branded services – via customer engagement platform – that integrates everyday digital life interactions.


»Headhunter or executive search consultant: What is the right title for this job? In my career as a manager, I have encountered many executive search consultants who were not very well-versed in advising people. Needless to say, there are good and bad consultants, but in most cases I didn’t see the advisory aspect. My positive experiences with espiridon are rooted in the fact that the word “consulting” truly has a meaning. I was most impressed by espiridon’s efforts to do justice to both the candidate and us as their client. I see espiridon not only as an executive search consultancy and reliable partner, but also as a sparring partner in all HR matters. Even when this means having to say that a person is not right for a job or that a certain job would entail twice the work for the same amount of money. I am glad to give espiridon and Sascha Frank a positive reference.«

hoelzl_Stefan Hoelzl
formerly Parallels GmbH (today known as Odin GmbH), General Manager EMEA
(today VP Central, Europe Appsense GmbH)

  • Odin provides the software that powers the cloud ecosystem, from small and local hosters to some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies.


»The cooperation with Sascha Frank and espiridon is outstanding and a lot of fun. He is excellent at seeing things from the perspective of companies, their environment and their culture. Thanks to his extensive network of contacts in the IT environment, he has very good access to a wide range of different profiles and managers at all levels, including the C level. But perhaps the most important thing is that he does not let himself get discouraged by setbacks on the way to optimum filling of positions. He never gives up until the job is done. I’ll definitely work with espiridon again.«

krueger_Thomas Krueger
AdAstra Venture Consult GmbH, Managing Partner

  • AdAstra Venture Consult GmbH acts as investment advisor to AdAstra Erste Beteiligungs GmbH.