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Why Recruiting and the Hiring Departments Must Be a Team

Has central recruitment become expendable? Aren’t the hiring departments of a company actually the better recruiters, the ones who know what is important when hiring new candidates? Here are seven reasons why this debate is not fruitful and why HR and the departments urgently need to work together. The relationship between the hiring departments of […]

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Humor: This Management Tool Should Be Taken Seriously

Humor is not a talent, but a criminally underrated management tool. Why is humor an indispensable component of corporate culture? How can a good joke advance your career? And what if you are simply not funny? Charisma, focus, empathy, diligence, and stress resistance are qualities that great leaders have. While we appreciate people with a […]

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No Boss Is No Solution Either

While the working world around us has changed rapidly, the organizational form of most companies essentially has remained the same for 150 years. There are teams, departments, and business areas; and there are bosses that lead them. Classic hierarchies. Some may find this anachronistic, but are there viable alternatives? In recent years, digitization and worldwide […]

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Full Part-Time or The Myth of Eight Hours of Productivity

The eight-hour workday is standard in Germany. Those who want to build a career may work more voluntarily, to the delight of companies. However, it has been proven that it is simply impossible to be productive for such a long time. A startup from San Diego thought this through to the end and made a […]

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