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The recruiting boutique team

espiridon comprises a small, well-connected team that excels at what they do. We stay true to our identity as a recruiting boutique, working exclusively for our clients.

Everything we do adheres to our guiding principles: decency, honesty, fairness, and a high level of accountability to our clients. We guarantee that we will persist at every task we commit ourselves to until all parties are satisfied, at the very least – and we’ve never been known for stopping at the bare minimum.

espiridon, the executives search firm located in Southern Germany, was founded by Sascha Frank. An experienced consultant, trainer, and coach, Sascha continues to serve as espiridon’s executive director, and his vision drives the company forward.

Sascha has previously served as head of the human resources department of a large German IT consultancy and as an international consultant for executive search and change management. His track record has helped him come to understand the digital sector inside and out.

“Instead of pulling a plan of action out of a hat, we begin by listening closely to what each case is really about. Only then can we find a solution that truly helps clients in the long run.” – Sascha Frank

Your contacts at espiridon

Company heads

Sascha Frank

Sascha Frank, Executive Director

The rundown

  • Trained industrial business management assistant
  • Degree in Business Administration
  • Business trainer and coach
  • Head of HR at a large German IT consultancy
  • Founding partner of espiridon
Judith Frank

Judith Frank, Co-Founder

Short resume

  • Trained IT Systems Support Specialist
  • Several years of sales experience in the software sector
  • Founding partner of espiridon

The boutique philosophy

Acute and exclusive, straightforward, personal and human, sustainable, passionate yet down-to-earth, honest and trustworthy, nothing off-the-rack but always something new… For us, these precepts describe what a boutique should be. And they’re principles that we apply 100% to each Executive Search and each interaction with our clients. 

What sets us apart?

  • We are at home in the digital world.
  • We maintain an excellent network.
  • Our team is characterized by sensitivity, tact, and a deep understanding of human nature.
  • We maintain a strong partnership with our clients.
  • We advise our clients and candidates until the end of the trial period with great personal commitment.
  • We only accept projects that align with our values and that we’re convinced we can succeed in accomplishing.

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espiridon’s namesake

In 1896, a completely unknown runner competed in the first modern Olympics. In a spectacular race, the Greek athlete Louis Spiridon defeated some of the world’s best runners thanks to his tremendous stamina and absolute trust in his abilities.

The values that Spiridon Louis embodied serve as both a model and inspiration for espiridon, the personnel consultancy for managers. We look to our namesake for the passion, tenacity, and spunk we need to help our clients and candidates meet their goals.

Spiridon Louis, Olympia 1896, Athens
(Photo: Albert Meyer)

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