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espiridon finds experienced minds for leader positions in internet and software companies as well as digital positions for industrial companies. We are not a recruiting mill – we search for highly qualified executives. We work exclusively with our clients, looking for candidates that suit their specific needs and devoting our full attention and commitment to advising each company and candidate we work with.

The espiridon executive search includes comprehensive support for our clients and candidates that lasts until the end of each executive’s trial period with their new company. We are only satisfied when both parties have found what they’re looking for.

Our promise

We find the ideal leader

How can we help you?


The espiridon secret of success

We tailor our methods to suit each client’s individual needs using our finely honed skills:

  • Years of experience
  • A strong network in the digital industry
  • A deep understanding of human nature
  • A knack for inspiring
  • Passion and wit

As headhunters from Stuttgart, Southern Germany, we embody the precision and pragmatism that Swabians are known for.

We hold ourselves to the same high standards that we hold all of our job candidates to: we are bursting with passion and energy at work; we’re authentic and honest; we cultivate trust and full partnership with our clients.

We’re realistic about what’s feasible for us to do, and we’re committed to the well-being of our clients and candidates. We value sustainable partnerships over quick successes (although a quick success here or there never hurt anyone).

We fill these positions

We fill specialized and executive positions, from senior specialists, to team, departmental and unit heads, to vice presidents.

For internet, software, and technology companies:

  • we cover all functions

For industrial companies and the IoT area (Internet of Things):

  • Information/cyber security,
  • Data science/Big Data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • CRM & analytics
  • Digital sales
  • Product management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Virtual reality
  • Customer experience
  • Other similar positions



What our clients say about us

Petra Maria Grohs

formerly CSO, ProfitBricks GmbH (now 1&1 Ionos SE)

»The partnership with espiridon is extremely satisfactory for us because the company not only provides us with suitable candidates given the profile posted, but also candidates that match our company. This is very important to us because as a rapidly growing company we place special demands on our teams and staff members. What I personally like about the cooperation with espiridon is the “smart” communication with Sascha Frank and his team, and I am continually impressed by the professional handling and the binding implementation.«

Joachim Ritter

Chief Product Officer SMB, 1&1 Ionos SE

»The espiridon team is extremely professional. On the one hand, it adapts excellently to our company’s context and aside from the bare facts has a nose for which “types” we are looking for and fit with us. On the other hand, candidates feel they are in the best hands at espiridon. They are very well informed and prepared, and accompanied throughout the entire process with great attention and personal commitment.«


The espiridon executive search process

How do we go about recruiting? Every project is individual, yet our recruiting process adheres to a fixed, proven pattern:

1. Tailor-made requirement profile

We work with you to define the profile of the ideal candidate for your position. We identify not only their areas of expertise, experience, and track record, but also their personality traits and values. Using the candidate profile we’ve made with you, we create a list of target companies in which we’ll search for candidates for you.

2. Candidate search

Once we’ve identified ideal candidates within target companies, we make first contact with them. We do all the leg work of familiarizing candidates with your company including drumming up enthusiasm about the position.

3. Interviews

Our goal is to paint a realistic picture of each candidate and really assess their strengths and weaknesses. We find out whether each potential hiree would be a good fit for your company long-term. As part of our process, we intensively question interviewees’ motivations and goals.

4. Client’s selection process

We stay in the background, but that doesn’t mean we’re just twiddling our thumbs – instead, we professionally moderate the conversations, making sure that they’re productive and that both sides gain the information they need to make a clear decision.

5. Contract negotiation and hiring process

We stay by your side during contract negotiations, discuss the offer with the client, and assist both parties until the ink is dry.

6. Trial period

We maintain active communication with both the client and the hiree until the end of their trial period (up to 6 months), offering assistance and advice as necessary.


What makes us special

5 arguments in favor of espiridon

  • Over 15 years of personnel recruiting in the digital world
  • Keen understanding of people and organizations
  • Personal partnerships with our clients
  • A reputation for being reasonable and sustainable – but never boring
  • A laser-like focus on doing what we do best

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