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Executive Search – we find ideal executives

espiridon finds experienced professionals for senior and executive positions in technology companies and for digital positions for Industry 4.0. We do not carry out personnel placement but recruit executives. We work exclusively for our clients, look for tailor-made candidates and advise with the utmost commitment.

espiridon’s executive search activities include comprehensive support for our clients until the end of the employment probation period. Only when both parties have found what they’re looking for are we happy.

Our promise

We will find ideal candidates for your position.

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espiridon’s secret of success

Every position is different and we have a plan regarding how to fill them:

  • Many years of experience and an excellent network in the digital sector.
  • Deep insight into human nature.
  • The talent to arouse enthusiasm.
  • Passion and esprit.

As headhunters from Stuttgart (South-Western Germany), we embody the precision and pragmatism the Germans are renowned for.

We place the same demands on ourselves that we do on our candidates: We are full of energy and passion at work, are authentic, and work in partnership with our clients on a basis of absolute trust.

We are honest and realistic and committed to the welfare of our clients and candidates. We can say “no” when we do not think things will not work out well for one of the two sides. For us, lasting relationships are more important than rapid success – though we have nothing against quick successes!

We fill these positions

We fill specialized and executive positions, from senior specialists, to team, departmental and unit heads, to vice presidents.

For internet, software, and technology companies:

  • any position

In the environment of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT):

  • Information/cyber security,
  • Data science/Big Data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • CRM & analytics
  • Digital sales
  • Product management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Virtual reality
  • Customer experience
  • and the like…



What our clients say about us

Petra Maria Grohs

formerly CSO, ProfitBricks GmbH (now 1&1 Ionos SE)

»The partnership with espiridon is extremely satisfactory for us because the company not only provides us with suitable candidates given the profile posted, but also candidates that match our company. This is very important to us because as a rapidly growing company we place special demands on our teams and staff members. What I personally like about the cooperation with espiridon is the “smart” communication with Sascha Frank and his team, and I am continually impressed by the professional handling and the binding implementation.«

Joachim Ritter

Chief Product Officer SMB, 1&1 Ionos SE

»The espiridon team is extremely professional. On the one hand, it adapts excellently to our company’s context and aside from the bare facts has a nose for which “types” we are looking for and fit with us. On the other hand, candidates feel they are in the best hands at espiridon. They are very well informed and prepared, and accompanied throughout the entire process with great attention and personal commitment.«


The espiridon executive search process

How do we go about recruiting? Every project is individual, yet our recruiting process adheres to a fixed, proven pattern:

1. Tailor-made requirements profile

Together with you we will define a job profile for the ideal candidate for your position. What requirements do candidates have to fulfill? Alongside expertise, experience, and a track record we attach special importance to human aspects and values. On the basis of the profile we draw up a list of target companies in which we will look for candidates for you.

2. Search and initial contact

We identify suitable candidates in the target companies and address them directly. We whet an appetite and kindle enthusiasm for your position, give the candidates concise information about your offer, and arrange interviews.

3. Interviews

In the interviews, we get to know the candidates better and test them thoroughly. Our goal is to get a realistic picture of the candidate and his or her strengths and weaknesses. We find out whether the candidate would truly suit you and be the right executive for you in the long term. To this end, we probe deeply into the candidate’s motivation and objectives and their relationship to the candidate’s private context.

4. Client’s selection process

In this step of the executive search, our client and the candidate are at center stage. We stay in the background but moderate the conversations professionally (and don’t just drink coffee and eat cookies). We ensure that the talks progress productively and both sides gain the insights they need to make a decision. We also check the candidates’ references.

5. Contract negotiations and hiring

We accompany the contract negotiations, discuss the offer with the candidates, and stay on board until the ink is dry.

6. Employment probation period

Until the end of the probationary period (after a maximum of six months), we maintain a lively exchange with the client and the executive and provide assistance and advice if needed.


What makes us special

5 arguments that speak in favor of an executive search by espiridon personnel consulting.

  • More than 13 years of recruiting experience in the digital world.
  • A keen instinct for people and organizations.
  • A personal, partner-like relationship to our clients.
  • Reasonable and sustainable, but never boring.
  • We only do what we do best.


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